Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Year's Day 2012

 The Guys:  Cooper, Ian, Eli, and Reed
The Gals: Jordyn, Kendall, Bella, Paityn, Jenna, and Mia.

Christmas 2011 #5 with the Schultz families

 Cooper with The School of Rock movie.
 Reed with a new DS game, Monster Jam.
 Bella with her new DS bag.
Lu opening up her new iPad.  (oh and Charlie's too)

Christmas 2011 #2 Christmas morning

 Santa brought Reed a new bike under that big red bag.  It is now December 2012 and he still has yet to ride it.  Reed still needs to learn how to ride a two wheeled bike without training wheels.
 Legos and Cars is always a good choice.
We had to wake Reed up in order to open presents on Christmas morning at our house.  He loves to sleep and with the late night on Christmas Eve he did not want to wake up. 

Christmas 2011 #3/4 with Millner and Bloom Family

 Grandpa John and Grandma Sue with Reed at the Bloom's on Christmas Day.
 Dru, Mariah, Ray, LeAnn, Leo, Hailey, Kara and Reed
 Family photos on Christmas

Reed and Dru on Christmas morning before all of the gifts were opened.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas 2011 #1 with the Anderson Family

Uncle Denny and Papa Charlie watching TV with Reed.
Jason and Jeremy just up from their naps. :)
Keith (Uncle Peach) and Cheryl on Christmas Eve.

Keith, Amy and Darrin.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heather Turns 40

Heather turned 40 in 2011.  She had her favorite meal, Ham and German Potato Salad.  She also had her lemon glaze cake.  It was wonderful.  Her parents, sister and sister-in-law got her some nice pieces of jewelry to make it special. 
Spending the actual birthday with the Schultz family.
Pizza, homemade cake with ice cream, and ordering Christmas cards online.

Pete the Cat

 December was the month Reed was able to bring home Pete the Cat.  Pete was a BIG deal in his Kindergarten class.  The teacher read to the story about Pete and his shoes.  The kids sang and made a video about Pete.  They were able to read to Pete if they were good.  He was a great reward for them.  Each child was also able to bring Pete home and do things with him.  They had to document their time with Pete in a journal to share with the class.  Reed was so excited when it was his turn.  He made cookies with Pete.

 He pretended to nap with Pete.
 He made Lego ships with Pete.

We even read the story while he was at our house.  Reed had a blast spending time with Pete and taking pictures to show his class.  Nice assignment, Mrs. Harrold, it is a great way to get kids excited about reading.

Grandparents Day in Kindergarten

Reed is a very lucky young man.  He had all of his grandparents at school that day.  His uncle Scot even brought his cousins Cooper and Bella.  I think Reed was the luckiest boy in Kindergarten if not the whole school.  The grandparents got a chance to dance with Reed and participate in some of the things he had learned in Music class.  Then they were able to create a turkey in the classroom, play games and have snacks.  Heather was also at school to help out. 

Reed had so many people come for him that he was able to share with some friends that didn't have family available to come to school that day. 

Reed's Adoption Day 2011

Celebrating 5 years as a Forever Family!!

Washing Feet

Bowling in November

We went bowling for cousin Dru's birthday.  Reed was interested in the air vent on the ball return as well as the vending machine.  He wondered why Dad never has money or change in his pocket. 

 Reed and Leo had a good time.  It was fun to watch them play.
Happy Birthday Dru!  (she turned 4 in November 2011)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Reed turns 6

 I love the family photos we get on his birthday.  I do not normally make it into photos.

 Blowing out the candles.  All 6 of them.

 Bella helping out and showing Reed how to work his new DS.  He was so excited to start playing.

 Reed's party at PUMP IT UP with his boys.  He had the most fun hanging with all of his new friends from school and old friends from preschool. 

 Jason wanted to try out the throne.

The look on Reed's face pretty much sums up how his 6th birthday went.  He talks about his next birthday party all the time. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween

Reed and Grandma Sue tracing the ghost to cut it out on the pumpkin.  Reed really enjoys carving pumpkins and doing things to get ready for each holiday.

Reed and the pumpkins we carved.
Reed as a worker man again this year.  He wanted to be Superman but then changed his mind on Halloween night.

Dallas, Texas

Amy and Jeff Collins tied the knot!
Grandma Sue and Grandpa John
Dru, Leo and Reed -- the only time they were in one place all night.
the book depository, Jason and Grandpa John went on the tour of the 6th floor
the JFK memorial
the grassy knoll, where President Kennedy was shot